What are your primary focuses in your home studio ?

To Offer airplay ready music production, including recording and final mixes. A polished and professional product at an affordable cost without compromise in quality.

How can an at home studio be better / as good as in studio?

I use the same software "in the box" and monitors as larger studios in a treated mixing room.

What are the selling points of working with you opposed to other producers? 

I produce music from a wide cross section of genres from electronic to a full 200 piece virtual orchestra. I am in constant communication with artists via Skype and found it more efficient as being on location, as it transcends timezones and travel concerns & costs. I am able to benefits from decades in the music industry and have access to creative writers and a world class mastering engineer.

What equipment do you use?

All of my equipment is digital. Utilizing the latest pro 64bit software (Sonar x3, Waves, Native instruments) including focal CMS50 and Tannoy PBM8 Nearfield monitors.

Technical Information:


Neumann tlm193, km184
Audio Technica AT4033, 4041, ATM23HE
Sure sm57
AKG D112
Yamaha MZ204