Jerome Pinder is a producer, composer, musician and sound engineer residing in Toronto Canada. 

Taking indie music to a professional, polished level for decades. 


p: 416-495 -9852


Jerome began his musical career first as a drummer then as a bassist. building a sturdy foundation playing in several bands of different styles. starting  in the Late 70's in a Rock band, mid 80's Reggae/Skah then the late 80's in a Hiphop duo. In the past decade has several dance tracks released on West End Records, Stickman, Sounds Unique, Utopic Recordings and Sub-Urban.

Jerome can  adapt to a wide variety of styles, involving himself in every stage of recordings, from pre-production through to the finishing touches in the mastering suite. Additionally working as a sound designer and music soundtrack composer arranger for film, video as well as phone apps.

Having gained a wealth of knowledge and experience, jerome decided to focus his career on production and song writing he soon realized that not all clients could afford to make their records in expensive recording studios. Jerome decided to set up his own, cost-effective production company in Toronto. He presently works via Skype with  artists in north America, Europe and Asia, which has proved to be a very practical and productive tool.